The best lighting solution for your business

We have successfully delivered thousands of LED upgrade services across a range of industries and are equipped to upgrade all workplace types including retail, hospitality, education, industrial, healthcare, transport and office.

  • Education

    We love schools,we have upgraded over schools to LED lights,including their Classrooms,Library,Restroom,Corridor,Canteen,Stairs and so on.

  • Office

    Nearly every business has an office and we have upgraded hundreds.From multi storey office blocks to the administrative area within a factory,we have the best lights for your space.

  • Hospitality

    We specialise in hotels,casinos,entertainment complexes,restaurants and museums and have a range of LED downlights to suit your space.

  • Retail

    We specialise in large retail environments such as car showrooms, wholesalers,department stores and supermarkets and have a product range to suit your needs.

  • Conference center

    Nearly every Company,Organization and Association has an conference center.We have upgraded dozens of them to be with LED downlights and saved much electronic fee.