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What is the development trend of the LED industry this year
Category: Industry News       Time: November 28,2017  
The LED industry is expected to expand in new application areas this year, prompting LED manufacturers to get rid of the consumer lighting and backlighting areas of Red Sea applications. The research organization LEDinside expects the three major development trends of the industry to be Micro LED, automotive and infrared sensing.
LEDinside estimates that the Micro LED market is estimated to reach US$2.891 billion in 2025. The estimated applications include mobile phones, wearable watches, car displays, virtual reality, TVs, etc. However, Micro LED currently faces technical bottlenecks, including Lei Lei For crystal and chip, transfer, full-color, power drive, backplane and detection and repair technology, manufacturers must make breakthrough developments in key technologies this year.
Compared with Micro LED, which is still in the technological development stage this year, the infrared sensing application market will continue to develop business opportunities this year. Recently, biometrics have become the mainstream of security protection, including consumer electronics products that include iris and face recognition. In addition, security monitoring and infrared touch panels are the main growth drivers for infrared applications, while digital medical, automotive LiDAR, and drones are all infrared applications.
Automotive use is also a foreseeable growth area of the market this year. LEDinside pointed out that due to the improvement of high-power LED technology and the drop in LED prices, the exterior LED lighting has gradually shifted from high-end cars to mid-end cars. The growth of the near and far light market is the most amazing. The market output value of LED applications in far and near lights will reach 1.462 billion US dollars in 2020, and the 2016-2020 compound growth rate (CAGR) will reach 15.8%.
In addition, the demand for head-up displays, central control panels, instrument panels, and entertainment panels in automotive panels is also rapidly increasing. It is estimated that the output value of automotive panel LEDs will also grow from US$42 million last year to US$87 million in 2020. The five-year CAGR is 25%. Last year, the proportion of global new car models equipped with car panels was already 13%, and it is estimated that it will reach 18% in 2020, which simultaneously boosts the demand for LED backlights.
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